Discover the Excellence of Potter’s House Academy & PreSchool/Daycare

Are you looking for a comprehensive educational institution for your child? Look no further than Potter’s House Academy & PreSchool/Daycare, a place where quality education meets nurturing care.

Potter’s House Academy offers a wide range of college-level courses to prepare students for a successful future. We pride ourselves on having trained and certified teachers, passionate about education, and eager to teach your child. The small classroom sizes, with only 15-18 students per teacher, ensure personalized attention and a more professional, caring setting.

Our unique approach includes a college prep course that is one to two years more advanced than most major schools, providing an academic edge to our students. We believe in holistic development and, therefore, offer chapel services twice a week. Through dynamic teachings, praise, and worship, we help our students develop a passion for learning the Word of God.

With over 20 years dedicated to serving our community, our commitment to quality education and the development of our students is evident in our everyday operations​1​.

At Potter’s House PreSchool/Daycare, we extend our commitment to excellence to our youngest learners. Our trained and certified teachers are passionate about caring for your child. With safety as a priority, we have CPR & First Aid Certified staff, and a registered nurse on premises. Our open door policy encourages parents to visit their child whenever they are in the area.

We understand the importance of security, which is why we offer a fenced playground, monitored access into our facility, and computerized log-in and log-out. To ensure the nutritional needs of your child are met, we provide breakfast, lunch, and a snack at no charge. The meals are well balanced, and we also accept 4C​1​.

Potter’s House Academy is fully accredited through the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS), attesting to our commitment to maintaining high educational standards​1​.

Join us at Potter’s House Academy & PreSchool/Daycare, where we provide a nurturing environment that fosters learning, development, and a strong sense of community. To find out more about our services and offerings, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Your child’s future begins here.

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